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We can advice you, prepare and assist you with the funding of revocable and irrevocable trusts, pourover wills, trusts transfer deeds and related estate planning documents. You can also depend on us for representation in probate matters, if required.



Estate Planning

When it comes to the required background and experience to handle your estate planning needs, you can count on us.

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Estate planning can be a complex process. Each person's financial circumstances and wishes are unique. Depend on us to help customize a plan that will suit your needs.

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Legal terms and definitions that may be helpful to you.

COMMUNITY PROPERTY: in general, property acquired during marriage, except a gift to one person, an inheritance by one person, traceable assets owned by a person before marriage, and the income ("fruits") of these.


ESTATE PLANNING: the process by which we decide how to transfer our property to our beneficiaries with the least possible cost and inconvenience to them. Estate planning includes analysis of the tax consequences of proposed gifts and bequests, cash flow and debt management and the preparation of legal documents to protect our beneficiaries and carry out our wishes.


JOINT TENANCY: a form of title which carries with it the right of survivorship.

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